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    Hey how do you rate caching during the week anyway?
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    I saw the cache listing for Boulder Dash (GCNQKT) while I was looking for another cache in the area and I remembered this thread from a couple of years ago. I noticed in the cache log that the container is damaged, and I'll try in the next couple of weeks to go out and repair it.

    Has anyone had contact with RabidMoogle? I noticed that a couple of people said that they sent him messages, but GC is saying that his last visit to the site was July of 2008, and his e-mail address was not validated, so he' no longer a member of (not entirely surprising since his vision is for all intents and purposes gone and he's had more pressing matters to attend to).
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    Quote Originally Posted by tat View Post
    This is the best organized cache I've ever done too!! I won't be around this weekend, but if there is anything I can do, let me know.
    TAT is right on that one! I found this one last fall and when I opened it, I couldn't believe how organized it was. It is entirely compartmentalized and labeled with spots for everything such as log book, trading items, small trading items, pens, coins, TBs etc etc. And it is a VERY neat spot.... very cache worthy. I don't live far from it at all and would be happy to perform maintenance on it, just as I have for numerous other cache owners caches in the area!

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