I have read a few topics under Pocket Queries and haven't really gotten the answer I wanted....and I'm not sure that my question is even valid HA

Anywho...I'm still VERY new to this and just became a member at GC.com (this one is next probably in a week or so) and I was able to do the Pocket Query you all talk about and I got one with results and even downloaded it to my computer in the .gpx format...then they said I had to download some utility to read it so I downloaded "watcher" I was able to open it in watcher and view the queries I downloaded...but how do I get it to my gps? Or do I not? I thought Pocket Queries could be downloaded into the actual GPS?

But then again I could be COMPLETELY wrong in this.

So if anyone has any luck in using watcher or just some information on pocket queries I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

GPSmap 60CSx