I'll echo T2H in saying that the GPS Maze is well worth a visit. There were lots of folks there, many of whom I had seen the week before at Geo Jamboree (New England's largest event at about 250 people) as it was only about 15 miles from Kettletown State Park, and many of whom were coming just for the event. I think we may have been the farthest travelled (save Jeremy and Shauna); folks from PA, NJ, and NY had all come east for the event but the farthest I heard from that direction was 2.5 hours travel.

The maze itself was very well done. I had an opportunity to go to dinner with Shauna when I went to GWIV in Texas. She had been with Groundspeak for only a few months at that time and the planning and execution of the maze was well underway. I was quite intrigued by her description of the concept but nothing had been produced at that point. It's much better than what I was picturing at the time.

At times there were bottlenecks in the maze but only because there were so many people there. I imagine a less busy day will leave much more time for browsing.

Again, well worth the trip!

Guess I gotta go log some caches now