Thank you all event holders! We all much appreciate all the planning and work during that goes into hosting an event, which we all love (except maybe FFJ...) But please help me out in getting the word around that your event is coming up:

As many of you know, I write the monthly Geocaching Maine Newsletter. It's something that does takes a bit of time, and it takes time for the Board to review it before it is published at the first of every month. In order to give the Board a reasonable amount of reviewing time, I try to have them a draft by the second to last Thursday of the month (usually the third Thursday of the month) so that I can make changes before the final version is posted for publishing the next week's Thursday (last Thursday of the month).

So...two events were recently published, and did not make it into the first draft of the newsletter (don't worry this time they did make it into a revised version!). It may be that they were published the 21/22nd, but I put out the first draft on the 21st in anticipation of needing to pack for a new season's of camping. So I appologize if this was the case. However, it would be awesome that even if you cannot publish an event by the third week for the following month, that you at least email the title and date of your event, even if it is tentative. That way, my camping and other schedules do not limit what events get out in the newsletter. Because it is my goal to make the newsletter as news oriented as possible and I really want your events known about!!

In addition, if ever there is a topic of interest discussed in the chats when I am not there, feel free to post or email me about them. This goes for chats the last Monday and Wednesdsay of the month too, if I receive them the last Thursday of the month.

Thank you everyone who's helped me with the newsletter thus far and to those who've shared words of encouragement. I want everyone to know that they are free, without offense, to email or post regarding the newsletter, because I want it to be as much of a Geocaching Maine newsletter it can be, and that can only happen if I hear from you!