My log entry from a recent cache find on Campobello Island . . . why, oh why do these things tend to happen to me? Really, I'm not a sicko perv Peeping Tom!!!


I think I DNFed this one the last time I was here on the island. Today I made the find . . . maybe it was better equipment . . . or maybe it was time and experience.

I did have a rather unusual thing happen however . . . I was walking down the trail when I spied a couple that were locked in a rather amourous looking embrace with one on top of the other doing what had to be . . . well an act just one step away from being illegal (at least illegal in public). From what I could see the couple still had their clothes on (trust me I didn't look too closely), but I opted to be a little discrete and took off for the cache by going cross country in "bush whacking" style.

I found the cache and then realized that the couple were still pre-occupied so I opted to return to my car in an even more direct (read more bush whacking) approach. I think this resulted in me crashing my way through the woods. I am sure to anyone from a mile and a half around it sounded as though there was a herd of elephants in the woods -- or at the very least a drunken Bigfoot.

In any case, after crashing and smashing my way through the wood-choked undergrowth I emerged back at my car in the lower parking lot and was jotting down my experiences at this cache when I saw the little black car that I assumed the couple had come in since it was in the upper parking lot come flying by me at breakneck speed . . . I figured they either thought that there was a Peeping Tom Convention on the Island or that the legend of the Campobello Island Yeti were true and were leaving as fast as they could!

Anyways . . . T: Nothing, L: Bouncy ball (appropriate, no?)

As always, thanks for the experience.