As some of you know, there is a group damaging caches in the Augusta area called THETEAM. I posted something on the Groundspeak New England section that explains it (it was shut down for an understandable reason). There also is a related thread I began on the Groundspeak discussion group about cache damage that has gone on for several days and provides ample links showing their culpability. I am hoping that TPTB will shut them down soon.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for logs on your caches from these people. It usually means bad news to your cache, really bad news. Also, I would recommend against placing any travel bugs in caches within 50 miles of Augusta since one of their hobbies is to take bugs out of the system for good.

I sent information to Hydee (our local approver) and she responded to me that the police may be called, and that she would try to get them off soon.

If you go to any of the sites documenting their deeds (they belong to a site called deviant art), you will see that these 18-21 year olds are hollow, unhappy people. A real commentary on the sad state of parenting and youth.