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Thread: Any events for 2005???

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    Default Absolutely!

    It sure did! I am now going to reference the Almanac when I have to plan a conference in Maine in the winter for work - ai yi yi - I would have saved myself a huge amount of chaos if I had done that this year. The trick will be not to let anyone know that I am using it - they would consider me crazy, I am sure.

    The Farmer's Almanac has a 90% plus accuracy rate! A great resoruce for sure.
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    Well of course if the Farmers says that a big storm is coming for three years in a row then you are bound to hit one in those three years. It finally hit this year on the nose. So how long will it be before they are right again? LOL
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    Post Well.....

    When you have to determine weather using sun spots and a bottle of gin. What were you expecting? And remember..... If you don't like the weather... Wouldn't that be a much bigger alamanac? hehehe I like the Maine weather, well those 4 or 5 perfect days in July, or was it August. My navigator and I will be in Florida on the 16th for the Clearwater CITO. Will sign em up for the Maine geocoin. I can use the prepayment for tolls on the N.J.Turnpike. LOL
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