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Thread: bgrffdave hits 100 - makes it a family affair!

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    Thumbs up bgrffdave hits 100 - makes it a family affair!

    Bgrffdave has never been known to do anything the easy way. I knew he was going to pick a significant cache for his 100th. He did so today doing Groleau's Eagle Mountain Cache. Not only did he do it, he brought along his wife (ALinMaine) and his sister and her family (Francis Family).

    That may not seem like a lot until one realizes, the youngest member of Francis Family is 10 1/2 months old (and was in a backpack with bug netting). I (Grandmother), missed this great adventure as I was returning from a trip to Portland. Have been promised if the TB is not retrieved, I will get an escorted trip to the cache.

    Congrats to all my "kids" on a family day of caching and a milestone! Here's to many more memorable days.
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