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Rigt now I am getting very close to going down and talking to a few managers and screaming till they accept a return and refund my money. I am getting very close to never wanting anything to do with Delorme ever again.
Sorry to hear about your problems but they appear to be somewhat unique. I've had my PN-20 for over a year and other than the original problems that firmware improvements have dealt with, I have had great luck with it. I had a problem with the first one I owned but called tech support and returned it and had a new one within a week. I've had it out kayaking on the ocean, on streams and lakes and it has taken many baths in the process but it never leaked or allowed water inside. I have fallen with it as it broke my fall and still has the gouges in the casing to prove it and it kept on ticking. It is excellent for geocaching...if you are walking faster than it can process your position than you must be superman!! And with firmware update 1.4 you can turn off topo maps to speed up the road-routing calculation...but it still isn't as fast as my Nuvii 350 which I use for most road-routing demands. I've found tech support to be very cooperative and responsive to my concerns so I don't know what is happening in your case. I have maps loaded on SD cards for areas I frequent most so don't have to load new maps when going to a different region. But I find the precut maps very easy to load if I want to change maps so that shouldn't be a problem. I don't use the Li-ION battery that came with it but use NiMH batteries so when it is plugged in inside my vehicle the screen remains at its brightest setting. There are still a couple of shortcomings that need to be addressed but with the improvements made since its release I find it to be a very durable and reliable gpsr.