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Thread: kid friendly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollora View Post
    As I believe I stated, one of my Grandchild's favorite toys which she chose at a young tender age came from this cache. I don't think her Mom will ever part with that Fisher Price Puppy dog which talks - constantly!

    Thank you Gob-ler for this very special seasonal cache!

    omg! we have that same stupid dog! I HATE IT! Thinking about ripping stuffing out and burning.

    sorry to hijack.
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    we hope to get the gob-ler christmas cache this year. we are also working on another hide so kids of all ages will enjoy.any suggestions on swag? i don't think themed caches end up the way they were intended.

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    Exclamation reminder

    Kid friendly?
    Slipping into Summer 2008!

    There are forums threads titled Slipping into Summer 2008 and you can find the event posted on too.

    It really is a fun time! Slip n slide, food, kids' cache(s), scavenger hunts, yard games, even water balloons in the past...

    Hope to see lots of kids!
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