The story continues..... Well I have finnally heard back from Delorme after a week and they are saying that the unit is not defective and that they want me to pay to fix their piece of crap. When I spoke to the Technical Support Manager and he states that the seals are not defective and will not repair the unit and wants me to pay to fix this unit. When I adresses the fact that this issues did happen and the cover was not loose he did not have an answer and would not do anything to assist me just state that the unit is not defective. At this point I would definatly not reccomend buying anything from Delorme and will probally be selling all the extra's that I have bought and never deal with Delorme again as the company sucks and I wish I had returned the unit the first time I had trouble instead of trying to work with them to get it working up to snuff. Garmin is a far better unit and I will be saving up to buy a new Garmin.

Anyone Looking for parts for a PN-20 cause it looks like I have a new TB in the works. The Delorme Sux TB.

I am trying to escalate this further but doubt I will get anywhere so when that is complete I will be putting up all the goodies that I have that are still working.