Follow the GPS until you get within about 75 feet and you should be in front of the house.

More to come:
Check this listing for updates

Come between noon and 1 pm and stay as long as you like.

This is the fourth year we are hosting this event and we are happy to be able to do it again. We will not be hosting a pig roast at this event this year. As of this time it will be a pot luck. We have to large gas BBQ grills here at the house for anyone that wants to bring something to cook on them. If you need to use the stove in the house you are also more then welcome. We have a fairly large back yard. If the weather cooperates we will set up slip and slide on the small hill in the back yard for the children or adults. We will have a canopy tent ready to set up in case of rain. If the weather does look bad we can also set up a large covered tarp area. We do not want to think about the four letter word we call “rain”. We are going to try and add some more local caches if we can find the time away from our busy schedules. If anyone wants to place some new caches close by to help us out they are more then welcome. If you want to get here earlier and head out for some local caching then you can stop off here first and leave what you don’t want to carry around in your car. We can also set up an area if someone wants to tent here for the night.

If we get some people staying for the night in tents as we have in the past we will have a fire in the fire pit at night if it is not too windy. If you want to you can tent for the night and use our home as home base if you want to do some more caching the next day. If anyone is interested in bringing a tent and making this an overnight event just let us know we have plenty of room. We would just like to have a head count for those wanting to spend the night. We will be having some type of breakfast the following morning so a head count would help.

We are also only one mile away from a bunch of lakes. There is a bridge just down the road that the local kids and adults use to jump from. It is only about 10 feet off the water.

For those that are interested I have a wireless router that can be turned on if they want to bring there laptops.

Note: You can bring your travel bugs but the event hold is not responsible for keeping track of any travel bugs left on tables unattended.

Things to bring:
1. Yourself and anyone interested in attending
2. The food that you want to eat
3. Chairs to sit in
4. Swim suite (for slip and slide)
5. A good attitude
6. Tent and sleeping gear if you plan on spending the night
7. Travel bugs to pass along

For anyone camping out for the night we will have a breakfast I in the morning. Consisting of pancakes and eggs and Orange Juice. We can make instant coffee. If someone brings a coffee maker then we can make real coffee. A head count for those spending the night would be nice. Please leave me email or post it here.

The wife has asked me to make recommendations for things that would be good to bring:

Any side dish you like to share
Salads ie patatoe, macaroni, toss, pasta

Note to anyone spending the night Team Teabow is working on creating a paddling event on Sunday if weather permits so bring a kayak or canoe if you are interested.

Most Useless Geocaching Gear Contest We tried the will try The Most Useless Geocaching Gear Contest last year. We can try it again this year. Those that are interested please this is what it is all about.

Come up with a piece of gear that you can bring on your geocaching adventures and that you could use for something. It has to be totally useless but used for something.

Present a piece of gear to the audience and market this piece of gear to the audience. I do not mean you have to actually sell it. I mean you have to buy the audience over with it. There is not limit to how many entries there are. The person will come out and present the gear to the audience and explain its uses and usefulness to everyone and explain what is so great about this piece of gear. There will only be one overall winner of the contest and some runner ups as well. Some type of prize will be awarded.

Keep in mind this is not an actual useful piece of Geocaching gear. It is a gag contest, which means that it is a new piece of gear that you must invent or that already exist and present to the audience. This is all in fun. There will be kids present so keep that in mind.
This event will be held sometime during the end of the day. We have no set time yet.

Check out last year YouTube clip