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Well I'm just over 4 months into my journey and am excited to report I'm 50 pounds lighter than my starting point! Thanks to everyone who offered encouraging words. The mission is far from over but I've laid great groundwork for further effort. Even thinking of a long term goal of thru hiking the AT in a couple years.
Yes. We have talked about your program before and I think its great that you are having so much success. I have been trying to discipline myself to do a similar thing on the days that my son is at school. Weight and fitness are very important issues to me as I have type 2 diabetes.

Though my numbers are usually pretty decent, it does not take much to throw them off. I have even been thinking about keeping a journal.

I know its something I just gotta do, and as I do it more and more it will be easier to commit to it I would think.

Also, my wife and I want to get into snowshoeing this winter as well.