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    Late last month the Thorndike Trail Blazers ATV Club held their pancake breakfast (a success I am told . . . "told" since I was away at the time), but the planned ride afterwards did not happen due to inclement weather.

    As a result we had also planned a club ride to leave from the Airline Snack Bar on Rt. 9 to go to Grand Lake Stream on the 15th of this month. Originally, a club ride for members, I am opening this up for non-members as well who might like to meet our membership and see what our club is like . . . and since there are a few folks here who are avid ATVers I thought I would extend the invitation to them as well -- especially since there is a cache right at Grand Lake Stream (thank you EMSDanel!)

    Right now these plans are tentative at best (waiting to hear what the weather will bring) . . . but we will be meeting at the Depot Store in Unity at 7-7:15 a.m. and leaving from there by 7:15 a.m. or so . . . should arrive at the Snack Bar around 9 a.m. or so. Plans call for us to make the ride to GLS for lunch and fuel and then we'll be heading back . . . and depending on the time we may finish the day by stopping at Dysarts on the way back.

    Again, this ride is open to anyone interested in meeting the members of the Club and this is a free ride . . . any and all are welcome.
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    That would be cool if we had enough machines to all go with Dad! Sadly we don't.

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