When you're out geocaching, what else do you like to do?

There was a thread question about areas to rock hound while caching...
Here's a post from Hollora:
...on the same road into the area of mainiac1957's Kan Koozie cache is a fishing pond. It is a pond for KIDS ONLY fishing (15 years and under - with parents supervision of course). This pond is stocked with trout. It is on Conservation Club property ~ open to the public to bring kids to fish.

I know there are ATVers, kayakers, and other hobbiests who enjoy duel adventuring. So tell us what do you like to fit in while caching?

My favorite is camping! Hiram and I camp winter and summer. It allows us to really explore the nature around us, get some geocaches in the area, do some canoeing, swimming, hiking, or 4x4ing.

PS, your responses may be featured in the July Newsletter!