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Thread: Need to Borrow GPS units

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    Hi Karen just read the post for the first time, you should try posting up here in NS? Kings County is buying 20 units I hear this summer but I believe they are Maggies.

    We had our annual event at Graves Island Prov park and had 148 people, no rain like when you were here

    I would help but will be in Quebec on vacation and to attend the Mega

    Good Luck

    Make love not micros

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    Default GPS Units

    I'll be collecting GPS units to borrow this week and during the Slipping into Summer Event. I have these people listed as lending them to me...

    Attroll, Kacky, Gob-bler, Mainiac1957, TRF, EvilHomer, and HideFromTheKids.

    I'll take good care of them and I have plenty of rechargable batteries. Thanks everyone!

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