I purchased a Palm Pilot Z22 for the express purpose of paperless caching. The unit only lasted a week or so, then it stopped working (I couldn't get the unit to regiester when I tapped the screen with the stylus). I returned it to the online auction site from which I bought it (ubid.com) and got a replace. This time, I can't get the unit to hold a charge.

I'm getting ready to take this thing to the lake and use it for a skipping stone (don't worry, I won't, not enviromentally friendly ).

My question is, what is a good and reliable PDA to use, and one that is fairly inexpensive? I've got two weeks of vacation comine up end of July/first of August and I want to take two or three days to do some serious geocaching, and I'd prefer to do it without printing out a lot of info sheets.