My name is Tyler Duran and I am a Secondary Social Studies major at UMF. This summer I am also working as an intern with Stephen Engle at the Center for Community GIS in Farmington. One of the projects that I am helping to develop is a youth mapping collaborative called the "Franklin County Geocaching Network," in which we seek youth participation in creating a uniform set of geocaches around Greater Franklin county. Among other things, some ways the students could help in this project is helping to choose sites for the geocaches, creating a logo for the network, or using a GPS unit to help map the actual sites themselves. Due to our geographic location, youth located in Franklin, Somerset, or Northern Androscoggin & Kennebec counties would probably be best, but we welcome any youth and their families that show an interest. If you are interested, or know of any other people/groups that would be interested, please contact Tyler Duran (778-0900 or email for a flyer that provides more details and goals of the project. Thanks!!

Tyler Duran
Intern- Center for Community GIS
109 Church St. Suite B
Farmington, ME 04938
(207) 778-0900