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Yes I agree with you. I guess my point was that the nature of geocaching is that most people will use their GPS and take the most direct and quickest route they can to get there quicker. That is just the nature of it. It does not matter if you spell it out in the cache description not to walk of the trail because someone is going to do it and once someone does it and a small path starts to form then others are going to follow that path. This path is what they are trying to avoid happening. There whole idea is to Leave No Trace and when a path develops then it voids the LNT.

I can see both sides to this. I would love to see caches along the AT but I have also seen some very disruptive caches that have been placed on the AT. You know the old saying "it only takes a few to ruin it for others".
I agree with that, and I am guilty of it as well. I get so wrapped up following my gps at times that I end up going in from the hardest possible direction. A little experience has taught me to research the caching area a little more, if possible. I started to figure it out when I walked up within a few feet of the angry pit bull (another subject for later, I actively dislike pit bulls) before realising I messed up.