Just a friendly thread to see what kind of inventory my fellow cachers have collected since signature items have become so popular. I was suprised at how many I had now that I have them all in one place. I also found I have more than one from a couple of cachers. My list is as follows:
Team Nirvana whistle
Team Nirvana eraser
Neon Couple coin
Haffy 6 water jet cut magnet (scarce)
Cameoooooo caching essentials #22
Sudonim coin and sticker
Black Burn coin
WhereRWe & RULOST2 caching permit
Brdad marbles (2)
Forest Nymph acorn (green one after a trade)
Greenebbs magnet
Team Teebow key chain
Ahbah coin
Parmachenee parmachenee belle fly
Msteelee cardinal
Triple-G item (?)
Team NAB card
Beach Comber thumb tacks (3) (don't ask me how that happened)

I'm sure there are others around here somewhere, but this is the bulk of them. There are many more I need to get, but all in time.