I am considering making a multi-cache based on H.P.Lovecraft, or more so one of his many short stories. If you do not know about H.P.Lovecraft, google his name and read up on him, and his writing. He was a Gothic Horror writer in the 1920s to 1937, when he died at the age of 47. He was writing horror long before that genre was poplular. His writing influenced the likes of Stephen King, Jeffrey Dever, John Carpenter, Dean Koontz, and many of the popular horror writers of today. Lovecraft took his cues from Edgar Allen Poe. We all know about a Poe inspired mystery cache in the Orono area. I am in hopes of putting something together as a mystery multi-cache based on one of his stories. I am looking for some input as to how many would be interested in that? Also it would be a significant drive for most cachers as it would be about 30 some miles west of Millinocket, 25 or so north of Greenville. I would hate to make that trip and put a lot of work into a cache that 1 or 2 people might visit in a years time. Just looking for input at this point. THANKS!