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Thread: Are there any H.P.Lovecraft fans out there?

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    At Wal-mart They Sell A Self Sticking 4x6 Laminating Sheet That You Could Use. As We Know A Printed Item May Look Better ,but I Feel The More Personal The Better The Cache.

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    I made a recon trip to the area I thought about placing this cache series. After careful thought I believe I will scrap this idea. The area is way out there and you have to pay to access the roads in question. Also after talking to the gate house lady, she advised that the locals are not that "friendly" to outsiders. I dont want to stir anything up. If anyone is interested in the story I had read that gave me the idea. Go to :
    and read : THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP. It will reveal where I had a plan to go. If you check out google maps you will see a place called Graveyard Point on Chesuncook Lake. I was so stoked. Oh well.

    Where the hell is that thing?

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    There is a Graveyard Point Road in Harpswell, ME. It has a fairly large graveyard but not a lot of trees.

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