Hello all,

For those unaware, construction on a new multi use trail has started. They started Monday in Whitneyville. The new trail will replace the old rail road track from Ellsworth all the way to Calais. 85 or so miles I believe. The surface is to be fixed w/ new bridges and culverts. It is to be used for hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing, ATVs and snowmoblies. I hope the ATVs and snowsleds have a speed limit and there is a way to enforce it. It is very hard to jump out of the way of a sled going 70 mph while wearing snow shoes.

The price of the construction will be almost completely paid by the scrap from the rails. They hope to be completed construction by fall 2009 although some parts of the trail will open sooner. I have always loved hiking along the old tracks. They lead to some really great places.

The trail will be managed by the Sunrise Trail Coalition. http://www.hcpcme.org/transportation/sunrise/

THE BEST PART: I have been in contact with the President of the Coalition (Sally Jacobs) about geocaching. She advised that they are very much on board with geocaching and welcome it!!!! Only have to keep in mind the state owned trail will be only be 66 feet wide in most places. Go out more than 33 feet from the center and you could be on private property. Not much room, but if you find the right spot it is possible. I also think it goes with out saying that I will wait until construction is complete and that section of the trail is open before I place any caches. I do have a spot or two picked out.

With no chance of the train coming back, this is the next best thing. Hope to see you on the Trail........