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Thank you for all that you guys do in the County . . . definitely one of my favorite places to ride.

I'll never forget my first riding experience in the County. Met up with a guy I met on-line from Washburn -- Roger Hewitt (aka Chief Wiggim.) Rog brought us up the RR line one day to Van Buren . . . when he turned on to the sidewalk I thought for sure he was going to get us in trouble . . . especially when a police officer drove by . . . but then the police officer just waved to us . . . such a different experience . . . such a nice experience. The next day we went down to Mapleton and the trails at Squa Pan. On other trips we have rode to Mars Hill and then further down to have lunch at the Blue Moose . . . trailered up to St. Agatha and rode to Fort Kent . . . can't say as though I've ever ridden on a bad trail in the County . . . in any season -- winter or summer.

Next time you're up in the Caribou area, let me know.