The screen in the Colorado is what it is. One little trick is to change the background to an all white image.

Loading an all white background image can improve screen readability for many users. An all white 240x400 jpg image is linked below. Here are the instructions to save the all white background and load this image as your background.

1. Download the all white background jpg file at:

2. Connect the Garmin Colorado to your computer

3. Copy the all white .jpg file that you downloaded into your Colorado: [drive]:\Garmin\Profiles.

4. Disconnect the Colorado and then power on the Colorado.

5. Select Shortcut->Setup->Display->Background and select the file you just downloaded. That would be the allwhite.jpg.

You have to set the background for each of the profiles you have set up in the Colorado.

Tip: You can use an image editor add your name and contact information on top of the white image.

Try it out. If you don't like it you can always go back to what you had before.

Cache On!