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Thread: epi pen advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripton View Post
    Overboard on the trail? I think not Have you never seen a nut tree in the wild?
    Actually... Yes! LOL!

    I don't now anything about nut allergies, and don't know what nuts might bring on an allergic reaction, but here in Maine I often see Butternut trees - especially near old farmsteads. And the ditches along Maine's logging roads are a great place to find Hazelnuts. We also have Beech Nuts, and I note that this seems to be a very good year from them. I don't recall seeing Hickory nuts here in Maine, but I know you have them down there in Mass, so they might be in southern Maine.

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    Hello again....

    Did you get an epi-pen auto injector? Or did you get an Ana-Kit......a preloaded syringe, needle attached, the kind where you push the plunger to make the medication come out? If you have an Ana-Kit it probably came in a plastic case, syringe sits inside.....from earlier posts you wrote on this thread, that may be what you have.
    However, if you did get an epi-pen should come in like a plastic cigar-type case, and the device you use is round hard plastic about the diameter of your finger. These are very strong and you should not have to place a pencil next to it, or use anything to protect it. The needle is spring loaded and is up inside the device until you punch it against the thigh...the needle then pops out into the thigh and delivers the medication. You already know about holding it against the thigh as the epi is being injected. In our previous emails I was referring to the epi pen autoinjector. If, instead, you have an Ana-Kit that looks like a real syringe inside the case then write back and we can talk about that.
    Either way, keeping it inside of a pack works well...just avoid extreme cold and extreme heat. And do check the expiration date...... Finally, here's hoping the need never arrises for you to worry about using it :-)

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