Not to bemoan the history of this series - there were 3 cachers, who. after listening to the caching tales of a "handicapped" cacher - committed to do some hides. We decided to call this the Maine Rose series in honor of "Mainely Roses".

Our goal was to hide 3 dozen rose caches by Valentine's Day. Whether the goal was achieved or not we did make our effort. Each cache was to be fairly handicapped accessible - no worse than a 1.5........and in a memorable or scenic area. We feel we did achieve this goal.

There was not requirement we continue to maintain these caches forever and some have be archived.

According to what I got for statiscs, we did not achieve the goal of 3 dozen live but did put out close to that.......and with what has been archived there are still 26 active caches to find.

It appears that anyone who has found the 31 caches found all that were placed.....congraduations to all! Please know, that the intent of these caches was to highlight and bring into the fold of our community and friends - those who can not (for disablity reasons) do the nice hikes some can enjoy. But we tried to recognize a stop in a nice area or to bring them to a pretty spot was important.

Thanks to all who supported this mission. Cache on - cache happy and let's include as many as possible in out game!