Hey all. I just got back from caching this morning. Found one and couldn't finish looking for the other. Found power to the people. Looked for stream of the dead but for anyone interested it will be awhile I hope the container is water proof. It's under alot of water right now.

On to my gripe.

While we where on our way back from stream of the dead we decided to finish the loop and come out on Rt. 16 for a nice ride. Has anyone ever been on the Tannery Road.

I was disgusted. I was driving down the road to find a deer leg in the road. No biggy. I stopped to kick it out of the road only to find the remains that have been there awhile. I thought it was just another deer hit in maine. Then I realized that the deer was part of the rest of a mess of dumpings of leaves, branches, sheetrock and other house hold debris as well as about five beaver carcuses and beaver tails and who knows what else. I didn't have the means of picking this stuff up, but should I go back? It would be atleast all day to clean this up aswell as gross. I won't point fingers but there is a local Taxidermist in the area. Hummmmm?