I've decided to start a "Eustis Cache Challenge" with "degrees" offered for each level of achievement. To get A EBGC (Eustis Bachelor of Geocaching) degree you need to find all 14 caches that are on islands or near the shore of Flagstaff Lake. To date those are, in somewhat geographical order: View From The Bridge; Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail #1; The Town That Drowned; Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail #5 - "My Island"; Moon Over The Bigelows; The Hydrant; Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail # 4; Bigelow Preserve; The Sky, The Stars, the Wilderness; There Was A Land;
Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail # 2; Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail # 6-Island #1;
Reed Brook-How Far Will You Go?-Cache Trail # 3; and Milwaukee Brewers. Twelve of them I have put out, one is by Nick MacCache and one by Katahdin Goddess. Only six, the ones that say Flagstaff Lake Cache Trail require a boat but all 14 could be accessed by putting in at or near the cache.

To get a Master's degree you also need to pass logging road driving, without getting hit by a logging truck (hint: logging trucks drive in the middle of the road so keep to the right, especially on curves). For that you need to Find: Big Jim Pond; Appleton Corner; Waterfalls; WW II Prisoner of War Camp; and Loose Moose. Granted, you are almost over to Jackman by that time, but the last four of these can be accessed by going in the Goldbrook Road above Eustis to Appleton Corner and then take the Spencer Road for the last three. A great time to do that is in the fall, when you are likely to see moose and wonderful foliage. And of course, weekends are the best time to avoid logging trucks.

To get your PhD you also have to find A View of the Lake; and the cache on Sugarloaf.

The requirements for these degrees may get more difficult every year, as more caches are added. I'm working on suitable rewards for those who participate! And maybe for those with the best stories to tell....