We noticed on GC.com that IntotheWoods is looking for folks to adopt his caches in Maine. If they were closer to us we would take them on but they are a bit out of the way for us to maintain. If anyone would be willing to adopt any or all of these caches we are sure that IntotheWoods would be thankful. We recently did his Shell Game cache and really enjoyed the history lesson about the middens and would hate to see this one disappear. So if anyone is interested in adopting these caches get in touch with them.

Shell Game by IntotheWoods (GCG6Y2)
Faraway, So Close! by IntotheWoods (GCMD57)
Cache in the Bank by IntotheWoods and Mom (GCKYCT)
Railroad Ramble by IntotheWoods (GCHFBQ)
Au Revoir by IntotheWoods (GCGRRC)
Born on the Fourth of July by IntotheWoods (GCGD6X)