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    I would recommend a Harmon hot air furnace. I won't even begin to tell you how little amount of wood we burn because no one would believe it and I know a couple on the list would actually outright call me a liar. In the winter we keep our house 78 degrees day and night. It is partly because we like it at that temperature and partly because the stove cannot burn any slower and still stay lit. We put in a few floor ducts and I used 6 inch stove pipe to make a few hot air ducts. If you don't mind all the heat coming out of one spot (where the woodstove is located) you won't need to duct. It is fan driven but when power went out, it still put out plenty of radiant heat. It also burns coal if you wanted but our house is so small, I would have to keep most of the windows open in the winter to get rid of excess heat. I am perfectly willing to put wood into it and heat it up this summer if you are ever in the area and are interested in seeing it work. Zero degrees out and it will raise temperature 15 degrees in 10 minutes. O.K. I can hear the doubters starting to reply already so I won't say any more.

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    There is a control you can have installed on your oil boiler that will regulate the temperature of the water you're heating with relative to the outdoor temperature. The controls work on the premise that you don't need 180 degree water for heat if it is 40 degrees outside (vs. 0 degrees). The manufacturers have money back guarantee savings. Mfr's include Intellicon, Beckett, and Tekmar (and probably some others).
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    Default Outdoor Wood Boiler

    I've been using an outdoor wood boiler by Heatmor for about 10 years now. It's tied into my existing hot water baseboard oil boiler using a heat exchanger (because the outdoor boiler is much lower than the house). I heat an old farmhouse (about 33% redone with new windows and insulation) and a new in-law apartment add-on, total area 3000+ sq. ft. on about 12 cord a year. I expect that to drop to about 8 cord when I get the rest of the house remodeled.


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