Well, the tale of JoJo is testimony that TBs do, sometimes, resurface. Here is the story:

Exotic Pet Man (EPM) loves TBs and is a relative of menace66 (now caching under MaineFamily). So as a jesture of friendship and to give him another TB to watch, I found this little Gorilla and launched it as a TB for EPM. I even let him name the Gorilla.

All this happened before TAT's Portal event at Mt. A. The intent was to get this TB to Germany from the event. So, after I had JoJo all rigged up with his tags, I took photos and dipped him into EPM's cache and he attended a couple of local events and handed him off to TAT at the Apres Last Cache Bashe of Summer Event last fall.

TAT dropped him into his Travel Portal Event II this fall and I never heard from JoJo. In fact, he sat dropped into the event until I finally logged him out as missing. No one I could find knew what happened to JoJo or had seen him! You would think a Gorilla running around Mt. A at an event would have been noticed!

I just figured JoJo had gone the way of lost TBs and was gone forever. The gorilla only cost me less the $1.00 at Mardens (although it was cool as he came with a tag of data about gorillas and I had laminated it) and the TB tags were about $4.00 plus I put the little dog tag protector to make him special (he was going on a long trip - I thought) about another $1.00.......so no biggie - he's gone.

Well, this week - I get a PM from a new cacher - in fact - a person who joined the web site because of JoJo. A while ago - this person was handed JoJo because the friend found him and thought this person might help. The new cacher was a letterboxer so was somewhat familiar with these sorts of websites..........low and behold, JoJo was coming home!

JoJo has come home to continue his adventures. After contacted me, arrangements were made and JoJo was left at the Discovery Museum to wait for me to "claim" him. I picked him up today. JoJo enjoyed the Museum and I will when I have more time to visit.

Nowwwwww, where has JoJo been? I asked him but he could not tell me. But, I do know where he was found - quite some time ago - in a WASHING MACHINE AT A LAUNDRY! Yes, that is right - he was not with the python or seeking water - but he did get a bath. At a laundry in ORONO!

Seems whoever gave him the bath, left him behind in the washing machine and another person (the one who contacted the boxer) found him when they went to do their wash!

See - TBs do sometimes reappear! What will JoJo's next adventure bring?

In case you would like to follow JoJo's future adventures his log may be found at TB15232

Oh - and JoJo said he prefers rinse - no soap!