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Thread: Heads it's Beer, Tails it's Wings!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe?
    Ah! I'll never forget Octoberfest 1979! Sheesh!

    And right next to me is an official Hofbrauhaus 1 liter mug!

    As Arnold would say, "I'll be back!"
    If you REMEMBER Octoberfest, you're doing it wrong

    I tried to attend in 1984, but the bus schedule was messed up from Mannheim and I ended up not going. The local brews were really good though....

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    Default Cologne, not Bavaria!

    I won't be in the heart of Oktoberfest (or there at the right time!). I'll be about half way between Frankfort and Amsterdam.

    But, the crew I'll be with are professionals. They work hard and play harder! DOM Kolsch !!

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