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Thread: Maps for my Magellan Triton

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    Default Maps for my Magellan Triton

    Good morning, I just received my GPS and am wondering where to find the best / affordable maps to install. Any suggestions?

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    There are map sources out there but with your Magellan you might have to find ones compatible with the software you use with your GPS. I got topo maps from National Geographic because of the software bundle I got with the GPS but they're not a lot of use to me for geocaching. One resource for you as a Magellan owner is, they helped me get past a glitch with my Triton 400. One of the places they have an ad for is, however, I found that maps there didn't really address what I needed and they site owner found it necessary to ask for a "donation" for downloading unlimited maps. I think it was $8 he wanted, last I looked. You have to load them on your Magellan from Vantage Point with the Triton 400. Same thing with the caches, Vantage Point will be your friend if you have a 400. I'm not familiar with other models.

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