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Thread: cemetary caches

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltlindian View Post
    I noticed that there are quite a few caches in or around cemetarys (sp? ies?) Anyhoo--does everyone ask permission to place a cache in or around a cemetary? Or is it considered public property? Who does one ask permission? Thanks.
    I've placed a couple of caches near cemeteries and one "in" a cemetery. As others have said, I try to place these so that a) they're just outside of the cemetery so folks aren't tromping over graves, pawing through bushes next to headstones, etc. b) there is a reason for me bringing you to the cemetery (i.e. history -- Before Lizzie Borden Cache, memorial -- Out of the Ashes Cache or a good view) and c) I try to place it in a hide so that folks aren't tearing up stone wall fences or causing undue damage in their over-zealous search for the cache -- in other words these caches tend to be a bit easier. I don't place a cache near a cemetery just because it's "public space" -- there has to be a compelling reason for me to place a hide there. As public area I have not asked permission, but I do know that some cachers have asked the Town Sexton, Selectmen or Cemetery Board.

    Many folks focus on the negatives of cemetery caches -- i.e. the possible destruction of the area, cachers not being sensitive to the survivors as they over-zealously search for the cache, etc. One thing that I feel bears mentioning is that a good cache can also provide some positives -- enlightening folks to the past (i.e. Lynching of Jim Cullen), memorializing a friend or family member (i.e. Moe's Mountain is a classic must-do cache) and reminding us all that our time on earth is finite. For all these reasons I have always enjoyed cemetery caches when they are done in a respectful manner.

    Incidentally, you may have noticed that I said that some of my caches are near the cemetery (usually on the border), but one is in a cemetery -- this one exception to my rule brings you to a pair of headstones where you glean information from these headstones to bring you to the final cache which is located a short distance away -- in this case the pair of headstones belongs to a firefighter friend and three children who died in a fire and the final cache resting place is a park on the lot where this fire occurred -- my hope in placing this cache was (and has largely been shown to be true in most cases) that fellow cachers will take the time to remember these four people.
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    I don't mind the cemetary caches, if it's an acutal container it's nicer if they're on the outside, I always feel kinda akward wandering around poking through a graveyard... doing the virtual tours of the cemetaries are pretty cool, FFJs cache in unity is a pretty well done one, it sheds a lot of light on the story, and it still keeps within the bounds of good taste.
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    Default Good Work!

    Quote Originally Posted by ltlindian View Post
    Haha! I hope that there will be at least 3 more caches for you. I placed one at Knickercane already, I'm waiting to hear about Barrett's Park. There's a cemetary near the golf course that's a very pretty spot, and just today I thought about Oven's Mouth west. I also have permission from BRLT to put on at Zak Preserve, we are just waiting for them to give me the ammo box. (they were very busy this past week with the Boatbuilder's Festival) So you should have plenty to do on your visit!
    I see you have two published already, good work! Don't forget the beauty of a magnetic cache, either key case or nanno (although I find getting the log out of a nanno a bit too challenging). You might scout around the pier at Cape Newagen, or down by the shore at Little River too. If you can find something metal, those caches will stick and the views are great. In the BBH Region you just need to stay far, far, away from all those rich people with the "Don't even think about looking at our house" signs.
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