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My point is that there probably are some resources among the membership that are being untapped. Maybe an occassional bio is the answer, not to recognize Geo-milestones, but to add some informational background to the cachers statistics. I don't have the time to attend all the events so some of you are just faces to me when in reality you're real people with real careers and lifestyles. The bio's in our individual listings offer little so my impressions are based largely on the logs, some which are very helpful, some which are funny, and a lot that are more or less personal chit chat between cachers.

So my suggestion is to look at our players and spend a little time each month with bio info. By way of example, gob-ler, our caching king here in Maine is not only a techo wizard but a minister, hunter and who knows what else, but certainly an interesting character to whom I think both new and existing members would enjoy learning more about.
Dubord, thanks a lot for clarifying! Isn't it funny how the way you type can be totally different than the way someone reads. I'd like to emphasize that our community is full of diverse cachers with backgrounds that could lend to our community in lots of great ways. I would love to help share these backgrounds for whatever comes of the sharing.

I agree it is great to feel involved, and I think there are many of us who feel involvement is better when it's organized or structured. Leaders can collaborate with others who have skills for a certain project. This makes more sense to me than having cachers with skills, other than leading, trying to lead the projects they're interested in. (Though I am also a firm believer that everyone can become a leader; we each have our own styles of leading, but we can all do it with practice.) And then there are many others of us who feel we should be as unstructured as possible to allow as much freedom as possible. There are some who think our community could be improved with more involvement, more structure, more outreach, but there are some who think we shouldn't fix what's not broken. I hope the discussion continues to comb out:
what freedoms do we really want? what about structure would stiffle those freedoms? how do we to implement improvements without stiffling freedoms?
and to find balance and increase commodary.

In the mean time, I love the idea of sharing our backgrounds through little bios in the Newsletter, or even better: creating a bios thread that would be contributed to monthly (or whenever) and then in the Newsletter I could introduce the latest post with the link to the thread. Would that capture your idea? What does everyone else think?