So sorry Pink Butterfly Lady. I cound not believe it when I read the article about the bomb squad blowing up your micro. Some thoughts on that, it was well hidden. It sound like someone didn't put it back right or someone purposely left it out in the open (sitting on the ledge of the sign). It did not have any wires on it like printed in the newspaper. It wasn't marked on the outside but that would give it away if it were. There was a paper on the inside stating it was a geocache. The article upset me because it made it out to seem like geocachers are irresponsible. The article stated that an on looker watched the whole thing go down, knew what it was, & didn't say anything! I also think it's possible that our caches around here are being sabotaged. My mirco like PBL's was well hidden (you had to reach to find it) was muggled. Border Jumper's multi was muggled - both parts! Now this cache. What's going on here? We should all keep good watch on the rest of our caches here. Davidson 7 is thinking about writing a letter to the editor about this whole thing. What are other peoples thoughts? How do you feel, Pink Butterfly Lady? Hey, you got your name in the paper at least!