While attending the Cachin' and Scrapin' Event sponsored by one of our own in Southern Maine this past weekend - the Question posted on the Tread Title was asked.

We wondered why no more that a few - both from in-state and out of state attended? Was it the location? Was it the timing? Was it when this was posted folks were already booked? Was it the event itself and what it had to offer?

So I propose the following questions:

1. What makes you consider attending an event? The date, the theme, those who post they are going, the location? Whatever the reason - please share it!

2. If you decide to NOT come to an event - why? Again, sort of the same questions - the date, the theme, those who post they are going, the location ~ but I will add ~ the expense, the equipment needed to fully participate or please describe anything else.

3. If the date of an event is a problem - what would you propose as ideal dates or frequency of events.

4. If time is important - what is your imput to that. Perhaps you would share that there are Geocaching weekends (including events) and family weekends.

5. Location - site - type - I won't go on and on here - just post the whys, whens, wheres, and timing of what you would like for events.

6. How do you feel about short Meet N Greet Events? Do you like these better than all day, half day or longer events? Mid-week better? Coffee-break style?

There are loads of folks who read these forums and none have ever come to an event - why? What can those who sponsor events do to better plan them, execute them and post them? Without your input - we all put in a lot of effort for a few to attend.

Please use this tread to share with us ~ your ideal Maine event! Timing of when it is held, time of day, length of event, activities offered, and anything else that can help event sponsors better plan a great time for those who Geocache in Maine.

Thanks in advance to all who are willing to share their ideas and input. It think it will help a lot of us for future planning.