dubord207 did a fine job of describing our trip down the Kennebec! The friend we boated with had done the trip before but our first wrong turn happened early and we were in some very shallow water for a bit... We still had a great day but I have insisted on GPS for any future excursions - the Maine coast is very vast and if there had been fog etc. it would have been a bad bad day! Bouys seemed to be in place but then again how would we have really known as it was our first trip? Somebody may very well have been looking out for us! My husband drives truck and can get us anywhere there's pavement or dirt, he will need to learn the H2O highway!

As for a GPS we found a Garmin 60CX on Ebay that is probably more than we really need. Half the cost because it was refurbished but carries the same 1 year warrenty from Garmin. Wish I had it today as it's the last day before the kids go back to school. We have a Tom Tom One from days of hauling to Boston but the battery doesn't hold a good charge - I assume if the battery worked though...hmmmm... a gps is a gps..... There's that curiousity getting the better of me!