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I like the flame paint job on the truck . . . however if you want I can make it look really good . . . life-like and realistic if you want . . . of course you and your husband probably wouldn't appreciate my handiwork afterwards.

On the serious side . . . assuming you're an independent trucker . . . and if so . . . my thoughts are with you . . . since I know the price of diesel is a killer for independent truckers right now. I can control the cost of my heating oil usage by going to wood . . . and I can control the cost of my gasoline usage by limiting trips and using my car vs. the 4Runner . . . but truckers don't have those options (assuming your truck doesn't run on firewood or nuclear energy. )
Yep, fuel prices really do hurt - we only have one truck but you still spend a lot of time crossing your fingers that everything runs smoothly. He can do most of the maintainence/ repairs himself so that does help save money.

And, I guess thanks but no thanks on the offer to further "trick the truck"... but I did entertain it for a minute! ; )