We like geo-coins...quite a bit. but we really just like to look at them. When I say we, I mean me and my youngest son. He was beside himself at the Quebec event the collections that we saw were amazing and the fact that most were trackable and activated was very cool.

We collect icons and we try to have fun doing it. We use teh coins as a way to learn about other people, places and things.

I have gotten emails form people accusing us of stealing their coins and it always makes me wonder if its worth moving coins. That has happened five or six times and in every case the coins turned up at a later date with an explanaion as to where they had been. phew!

We were thinking about releasing a keychain with all the traking numbers of the coins we lost so that peole can still collect the icons even if they can't see the real coin.
What are your thoughts about that?

We own some coins, not as many as others and most of our coins are active. We carry them to events and let people see them and when we think they have been passed around enough we let them go. We have only bought a few coins, most of the ones we have came as door prises or were given to us as a gift. We have found two or three in caches unactivated, some with notes saying that they were a gift to whoever and other just there unactivated. In that case we try to figure out who left it by reading the logs to see if they ment to leave it in the cache unactivated. In one case we fould out that they hadn't known how to activate the coin so we helped them activate it and moved it on for them.
We also leave coins unactivated in caches and sometimes give them to a cacher who the coin reminds us of.

I'm sure that their are people that steal coins just like thier are people who steal anything. But I have to believe that a fair amout of coins go missing by other means.

We have had some go missing, (some more than once). We have also had some travel for lots of miles.. One coin was lost after only being at one cache that we put it in. It was logged into an event but I was at that event and I never saw it there, doesn't mean it wasn't there, we hoped it would show up but it hasn't yet.

I have gotten emails from cachers letting me know that they picked up my coin months before and then got busy with life and forgot to log the coin and found it later in the bag they use to cache with.
We have had coins lost under seats of rental cars, dropped on the trail to be picked up by another cacher. Moved to another cache and not logged.

There are a lot of ways to look at this. We know how it feels to loose a coin, and how it feels to be acused of stealing coins. we also know how it feels to loose somone elses coin. We walk 2 miles back on a trail the next day after tearing the car and backpacks apart just to make sure we looked every where. We did find it and know that others would do the same if it was our coin.