In a somewhat related topic to EvilHomer's "What's Up With The Missing G-Coins?" thread, I've had several travel bugs go missing over the past few years. Now, one of them has been put back into circulation, so to speak.

From the beginning: I started this TB called Scooby Lights The Way (a little Scooby Doo flashlight) - TBB6AD if you want to take a look at it. I dropped it off in a cache in NH on 1/11/04. Someone snagged it and took it to Florida and dropped it in a cache there. No problem so far.

This is where the TB went missing. Several cachers said that the TB was not there, even though it was listed, so after about six months of it being MIA from that cache, I sent it to the TB Graveyard. (It took me a while go getting around to putting the TB in the graveyard as that was around the time my girls were born).

Today, I get a message saying that someone has made a log entry on the TB. Someone grabbed the TB and stashed it in his gear and then joined the Navy, forgetting about to TB. He dropped it off in a cache on a little island south of Japan.

Now I'm glad that one of my long lost TBs has been found and put back into circulation, but I'm also kind of mad that to took so long for someone to even mention that they've got it in their possession.