Can not speak for Mainiac1957 on his event this coming weekend, but, a few folks have called me about mine. Will it be canceled? The answer is - No!

This tread should allow us to discuss it and post concerns, questions here.

I will still have the event - but the level or participation you choose may change based on the weather. Some folks don't camp in the rain - others don't mind. (Shades of the first Camping event on Warren Island - last year. It was a ball!)

I have a large deck, 2 EzEUPs and maybe I will have 3 erected down on the lawn.....and folks are more welcome to come and stay. If you don't wish to camp in the rain, come and drop in for a little bit, sign the log, claim your smilie and put your name in for the door prizes. Either Saturday after Mainiac1957's event or come for breakfast on the deck from 7A to 9A.....then head off caching. Everyone can just do what they would do it they were coming to a campground as the intent was to save folks this expense and give us more time to socialize.

If anyone has a large tarp and is good at fashioning shelter - well we can do that too. We have loads of space for creativity aside from cutting down the woods. LOL

If the rain holds off so you dare bring out your laptop - the wifi is open (it is not usually so don't plan on this just anytime when in the area - go to Dunkin' Donuts instead) and we can do a campfire. I have a gas grill - outside outlets........let me know what you need (I have spoken with a few of you about needs.).

If anyone has questions - please email me. Thank you to all who are planning on attending. We will make the most of what we get with Mother Natures hand.

And oh, BTW.........Brad's event is before mine.......and he's the man with the weather man.