I will be traveling to Maine at the end of next week. Another Alabama Geocacher (Gubbool) is hiking the Applachian Trail ( he's now at the Maine/NH line). The plan is for he
& I to meet somewhere in Maine. I'll drive him to Baxter SP & we'll do
Katahdin together. After that we'll both hike the AT southbound. I'll drop off to return home & he'll continue to our original meeting spot in your beautiful state. I'll be with him until the 19th.

The overall plan is for him to bicycle back to Alabama. The geocache
angle (beside me wanting to get a few caches in each state between
Alabama & Maine ) is I will be bringing a bike trailer & tools for him to have during his return trip to Alabama. The plan is to purchase a Walmart bike when he returns near the original rondezvous point.

So we were wanting to know if there are a few geocachers in the area who might be able to help with either storage of the trailer for a couple of weeks [folds up to about the size of a folding metal chair) or at least help us pick a good place to "geocache the trailer" for a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to do a few Maine Geocaches too.

oldboyhiker aka Steve