I'm terribly embarassed ( ) to say that I had all but really abandoned caching. I kept mostly in touch with you all to say HI but that was about it. As the snow thaws.. so am I. So are the Geochicks!! We are planning and plotting and dragging out the old Geko GPS... dragged out the goodies from the last BBQ (yes, that long ago!) and started looking at everything once again... as I looked in the ammo box that my brother gave to me last year.

I found a few things in there:

  • 2 Geocoins (I think one belongs to Parm)

  • several trinkets that are signature items

  • and a TB

However, the TB has nothing with it, it's simply just the tag. I looked to see what it should have looked like on the website. Usually there is a place toy, etc attached. This is just a TAG!! Is it rude to maybe attach something to it, so it isn't simply just a tag???