Yesterday, I lost my Colorado 400t at mapachi's newest cache, Blue Water which is at the public boat launch for Lake St. George on Route 3 in Liberty. I placed it on the hood of my car and was distracted by a couple of things. one being a couple very interested in caching and the second being my 2 Labs that were jumping off the dock chasing sticks some kids were throwing.

While it might have been stolen, it's possible it slid off the right side of the hood with in or near the parking area or after I turned left onto Route 3 while departing. I noticed it was missing within a couple of hundred yards of heading west on 3 and turned back and gave the area what I thought was a thorough search. I was parked in the second parking space, 2 westerly of the handicapped parking. Dianne and I have given the car a very good search so it's definetely MIA.

If you're in the neighborhood, you might want to watch for it! Thanks!