Well, not feeling the need to totally have to tie down a cache in Orrington, I created a rather simple cache called the Historic TB & Geocoin Hotel - Maine Rose Series. It was fashioned similar to a cache I had done in downtown Chattanooga TN.

The one in Chattanooga had metal straps with a screw tightened up and run through the back of the metal box and it was attached it to a lamp post. Since I wasn't placing this in an urban setting and it was not visable from the road, I figured it would be safe to attach this to a 4" x 4" post and that post was in a post holder driven into the ground.

This cache was located slightly into the woods off a non-paved parking area of a building which is visited on occasion. Anyone going to the building would have no interest in the box and in most cases folks would barely notice it. In fact, several cachers had said it took them a minute to get the ah ha moment.

Anyway, the cache was visited by 2 cachers yesterday. By 7 PM this evening it was gone. Not part of it - the whole thing - post holder and all!

I am reporting this to the local police in the morning. I know a lot has been talked about in geocoins missing locally......but has anyone lost a whole cache?

In this case, I believe there was only one TB in the container. It appears all the other coins and bugs had been moved along. I am very sorry for Exotic Pet Man who was the owner of Lucky the TB.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to go check my Geocoin Emporium just in case this act was done because of TBs or Geocoins.

The cache was placed with the Landowners permission and they are as upset as I am about this theft. Hopefully, there is not a trend starting here.