Since I started this thread, I will comment here.

When I placed my Geocoin Emporium and TB Hotel (a while ago and not the cache effected by the theft! I checked and fortunately, as of today, the Emporium container is still in place.) - I fashioned it after one in New Brunswick Canada. I asked for a one for one trade (TB for TB, TB for Coin, Coin for Coin, Coin for TB - well, you get it). Little did I know that these types of caches are actually called Coin or TB Jails!

You can call it a hotel, emporium or what you like, but, if to take a trackable (coin or TB) you have to leave one - the larger community (those on the forums) call this a jail. To be honest, this requirement or type of jail is not well thought of.

Darterkitfox is right on here, IMHO. I have redone my thinking and none of my caches do I ask for, or expect, if you take a TB/coin that you leave one any more. The only think I do expect is for it to be logged properly and as promptly as is practical! And moved on as soon as practical and possible, too.

Now - this thread was about a cache where the whole container was taken. It's intent was to give folks a heads up, in case this is not an isolated case. Perhaps because this was a hotel it had something to do with it - but, I think probably not.

I, personally, don't support people bringing personal TBs to an event to discover. What's the point, for the owner or the discoverer? I do discover TBs at events, but, it is because they are on the road and unique or cute. If you brought a bucket full of personal ones like a tin of coins, I probably would not bother. I do discover coins for the icons......and understand why folks do not release all their coins. I release coins but they are usually duplicates of what I have. Have also learned to drill them and attach a mission tag.

With all the above being said - we have nearly chewed the issues over here. Unless someone has something to post about missing caches we can probably leave the TBs and coin discussion for another thread.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments.