Leatherman once roamed Connecticut and New York from 1858 to 1889. He traveled a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers. Approximately every month he would repeat his journey. The man spoke primarily with grunts or gestures and dressed in crudely stitched leather from his hat to his shoes. The suit was made of soft-tanned calfskin leather and weighed about sixty pounds. He would sleep outside year-round mostly in caves around Connecticut and New York.

There are many geocaches at locations of Leatherman caves including one at his supposed tombstone in New York. I own two of them in Conncecticut and wanted to combine his interesting story with my first venture into creating a Geocoin.

The net result is the "Leather Man's Circuit Geocoin" which is a commemorative to this early geocacher. On the front is the Leather Man with his date of birth and death. On the back is a map of his ciruit, with a leather-texture background.

I have some left and set up a site for those that want to purchase some. Note that if you want more than 5, please send me an e-mail to confirm I still have some in quantity. Same thing if you see this post beyond the middle of October since I assume they will move fast. I only made 250 and was able to get the custom icon.

Order here

A bookmark of Leatherman caves and cachs is also linked. I personally own two and they are amazing caves.