I haven't posted here for a while and am sorry but it seems like I'm just back to compain for a minute. Or maybe just get some feedback or others opinions. I'm starting to understand the viewpoint that brand newb cachers should not be hiders. Exhibit A :
GCJ7ME Eastern Trail Cache
Sure I'm a little to blame because I just trusted it was gonna be there. I just keep some traditionals loaded up just in case if I'm out I want to do a quickie. I didn't read the logs before I went out on my run today. It was convenient that this cache was on my running route so I just thought do the quick grab on the way.
My experience of course was exactly the same as the last few loggers. It looks like a lot of people enjoyed this cache before it went missing (it was in a fairly obvious spot even to muggles and I can understand why it's gone). Cache owner has been inactive since '04 and only has 15 finds under their belt anyway. GRRRR. What do you guys do in this situation. Bring it to groundspeak's attention so it could be archived or poss adopted? People have been posting 'needs maintainance' since May. What's the next play?